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WorldData.AI comes with a built-in workspace – the next-generation hyper-computing platform powered by a library of 3.3 billion curated external trends.

Upload your data and combine it with external trends to build, train, and deploy predictive models with one click!

WorldData.AI inspects your raw data, applies feature processors, chooses the best set of algorithms, trains and tunes multiple models, and then ranks model performance.

A study has shown that 85% of business performance is driven by external factors, such as weather, macroeconomics, financial markets, employment, demographics, and trade.

In the past, analyzing the impact of these disparate factors on your business was complex due to the lack of curated external data and the challenge of normalizing data and stitching together workflows.

WorldData.AI has changed this. With one click, and for FREE, you can now combine terabytes of your data with 3.3 billion external trends to build predictive models.

Use the Library of 3.3 Billion Trends to Build Models

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WorldData.AI allows you to save your models in its “My Models Trained” section.

You can make your models public and share them on social media with interesting images, model features, summary statistics, and feature comparisons. Empower others to leverage your models.

For example, if you have discovered a previously unknown impact of interest rates on new-housing demand, you may want to share it through “My Models Trained.”

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