Why Zdaly

Empowering Intuition with Artificial Intelligence

More data will be created in 2017 than during the previous 20,000 years of humanity. Yet, less than 0.5% of all data is used for decision making. Historically, decision making was intuition driven due to lack of data; today it is still intuition driven due to data-overload. To stay ahead, decision-makers need the capability to consume vast amounts of data quickly, and not rely solely on intuition. Zdaly helps you achieve this by leveraging Artificial Intelligence to empower Human Intelligence.

What We Do

Providing world data and Insights at your fingertips

Zdaly’s proprietary Zbot technology collects & curates real-time heterogenous data from all over the world, and delivers user-driven Insightful Analytics at an unparalleled speed with superior foresight. We empower you with the world’s most comprehensive, relevant and reliable information through readily presentable and flexible formats. We constantly scour for new and trusted global sources to further enhance the power of our tools.

How We Do It

Using Artificial Intelligence and Big Data technologies

We have developed disruptive technology using Deep Learning and Neural Network algorithms to extract, homogenize and channelize data collected from 1,000s of sources across the globe. We derive the most comprehensive Insights from this data by combining Big Data technologies, Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Statistics. Our proprietary search engine is the most powerful tool that enables you to meet the most relevant data quickly and accurately.

Who We Are

Rajdeep Golecha, Founder and CEO

After spending a decade leading global analysis team at world's largest corporations, Rajdeep saw an opportunity to improve organizational decision-making by enhancing intuition with data and insights. That is when he founded Zdaly.

Rajdeep is nationally acclaimed for contributions to business and research. He has published in world's top 100 scientific journals, and has been recognized as a top business leader. He earned his engineering degree from the Indian Institute of Technology and an MBA from Michigan State University.

The Board, Advisors and Leadership

Eric Goldner Eric has served as a business executive with several Fortune 500 brands, overseeing Business Ventures and Negotiations. He enjoys helping companies drive performance and results.
Gary Brown Gary has served as a senior executive at a world leading company, overseeing M&A and Strategy. He is driven to make a difference by enabling society to make better, fact-based decisions.
Devshree Golecha Devshree is pursuing her education in Analytics at Harvard University. An accomplished statistician and Six Sigma Black Belt; she is enthusiastic about solving organizational challenges.
Syed Biabani Syed is an entrepreneur and thought leader, who headed technology commercialization at global enterprises. He is driven to help better financial decision-making by democratizing access to data.
Philip Hamilton Philip is an accomplished brand executive with Fortune 500 Companies and a proven driver of innovation. Philip is focussed on marrying the art of human decision-making with the science of AI.
Karim Chabane Karim is a respected finance leader with a renowned bank, managing products and sales in securities services. He is motivated to bring innovation to the financial industry through data-driven decisions.

Here's a short video about Zdaly

Redefining World Data

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